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Find the theme you like. Please place an order and let us know which theme you have chosen.
We will get in touch within two days and ask for information about your business, products, photos, and additional important information. Don't worry; we can help find the icons and stock banner photos.
Prepare to go live. Connect your mailbox, and learn from our expert how to manage your site further. We will also be going to provide a short manual that will help. Live service is always available too.


Quick answers

Informational websites take 3-5 days

Ecommerce solutions take 5-20 days

Process also depends if you have all information ready, otherwise we will help to gather required information

Yes. Content management system is included. 

You may cancel a contract after 6 months. Code remains at our disposal.  You may receive code after 36 months of using our service.

Please get in touch , each case is authentiq and treated on a individual level. 

Yes you may get a refund. Please check our refund policy and get in touch.


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